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How To Be A Drag Queen

How To Be A Drag Queen

A guidebook for female drag queens & emerging drag artists

Learn how to be the best damn drag queen you can be so you can step into your dragdom and slay the stage like the fierce drag artist you are — sans the overwhelm of not knowing where to start!

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A new book from Brandi Amara Skyy

“If you’re hella shy or have crippling social anxiety and want to be a performer of any kind reading Brandi Amara Skyy’s book was super ey opening and helped A LOT!!”

Sammi Nilla

Season 3, The Queer Off

Let’s get real and kiki for a sec …

Have you always had a deep burning desire to be a drag queen but had no idea where or how to start? Perhaps you’ve watched RuPaul’s Drag Race or Alyssa’s Secret and you’re dying to create your fiercest queen self but you’re too afraid to even begin because — let’s get real real — you’ve heard it over and over again, “women can’t be drag queens?” right?!

Or worse, maybe you’ve been trolled on Instagram or Reddit by people telling you that, not only can you NOT be a drag queen, but that you’re appropriating their culture — even though you’re queer yourself?

Even with all the haters hating, all you know and care about is that you love drag and have a deep burning desire to do it.

That was totally me too.

But here’s the real tea:

If you want to be a drag queen, BE A DAMN DRAG QUEEN. You don’t need anyone’s permission, but you do need to know where and how to start. And guess what? i’ve got you covered there boo!

In my new book, How To Be A Drag Queen, i spill all the tea i’ve learned in my 22years+ in the drag industry. From how you can create your drag self, break into the drag scene, and become the best damn drag queen you can be this book covers it all!

But you wanna know the REAL secret to becoming a drag queen?

You already are one!


L to R: Me as a baby queen in a homemade crown; me as Duchess (my first royal position); me as THE queen & 1st ever Miss USofA Diva 2014.

i’ve always wanted to be a drag queen — probably even way before i saw my first queen (Aaron Davis) bucking the house down at age 16. i loved the art, the craft of drag but never in a million years did i actually think i could do it — especially back in the mid-90s when there was no internet or no way to see if there are others out there like me. 

But that didn’t stop me from getting involved and doing everything i could to be a part of my local drag scene. Back up dancing, videoing, choreographing, judging pageants, i did it ALL — except call myself a drag queen.

i spent DECADES worrying about what others might think, denying my queendom, and NOT doing drag. It wasn’t until i made up my mind to compete in my first drag pageant that i understood the real secret to drag. You have to believe in yourself and your drag first; you have to CLAIM your dragdom, give your own self permission to be the fierce queen you already before anyone else will. 

And that’s a hard thing to do when you’re different. But it can be done. And YOU, just like i did back in 2005, can and will.

i wrote this book to help do that and to be your roadmap to drag that i never had.

“I wish I would have had this book when I was starting out. Even now after doing drag for almost 2 years, I have learned a lot. You answered every question that I’ve had and you’ve also talked about things I never thought about.”

Eléanor Kay Rigby

Miss Oklahoma Femme American National Star 2017

Over the last decade, i've not only

managed to make a name and build a profitable drag career for myself — i’ve opened up for Lady Gaga; won the first ever Miss USofA Diva; judged over 50 state and National drag pageants including Miss Gay Texas America and Miss Gay USofA; been featured in Curve Magazine, The Advocate; written for BET and Dallas Voice, but i’ve also helped hundreds of other female drag queens hone their craft and share their art with the world.

i’ve created online communities and safe spaces for us; the world’s first high glam, high fashion, haute drag magazine GAG; and The Drag Show Podcast a cast that talks the art and biz of drag. 

i have spent my life carving out spaces for myself & my fellow female drag queens and now i’ve taken everything i’ve learned, done, and experienced from the last 25 years in the drag industry and consolidated it into the how to be a drag queen guidebook i wish i had had. 

And the book our community so desperately needs.

“Each piece of advice and lessons in this book is carefully crafted to explore drag as an all-inclusive art. It’s empowering and inclusive; both serious and fun. And for anyone that finds themselves asking, “What advice do you have on getting started in drag?” This does more than answer it; IT OUTLINES IT.”

Jenna Skyy

Miss Gay USofA 2014

How To Be A Drag Queen is more than just a book

It’s a comprehensive roadmap and werkbook so you can . . .



How To Be a Drag Queen is the rare book that actually over-delivers on the promise of its title. Brandi not only teaches you in depth how to become a drag queen but also challenges you to learn why you want to do it and to think about how you’re going to grow on your personal drag journey.

Chiffon Dior


“WOW! How To Be A Drag Queen has everything you need to get started in the fabulous world of drag. The only thing missing is YOU. I love being a drag queen and so does Brandi and this book delivers the 1-2-3-4 get ready to hit the floor basics to get you on the road to the fabulous land of drag!

Richard D. Curtin

Edna Jean Robinson and a host of other queens! Why be limited to just one!

How To Be A Drag Queen is a 360 degree experience

 you’ll get: 

  • 240+ page glossy paperback with 6 sections housing 32 drag lessons and 14 DragWerk worksheets to help you implement what you are reading in your real life

  • Section Drag Caps reviewing what you’ve learned in the chapter and a checklist of where you should be at this point in your drag journey


  • Bonus chapter where 19 of my favorite drag artists share their #1 piece of drag advice


  • Book bonuses GALORE including a printable version of all the DragWerks in the book for easy access and review, my first book Faux Queens – Fauxing The Real, tons of videos, and resource sheets!

Learn how to be the best damn drag queen you can be so you can step into your dragdom and slay the stage like the fierce drag artist you are — sans the overwhelm of not knowing where to start!


*Sorry no international shipping. For international book purchases, please order from Amazon

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*Sorry no international shipping. For international book purchases, please order from Amazon

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“This is a GREAT book for any aspiring Diva; so much great information in one place!”

Freddy Prinze Charming

Co-Host Let’s Have a Fefe & Mister USofA MI Classic 2019

Get a sneak peek of the book!

*Sorry no international shipping. For international book purchases, please order from Amazon

Everything in this book is tried, tested, and true. Not just by me but pretty much the entire drag community. Because How To Be A Drag Queen teaches you how to not just be a drag queen but be an ongoing contributing member of our art form and community.

And here’s the real tea:

If a $20 drag guide & werkbook  would give you the confidence you need to finally bring your inner queen to life so you take the stage and slay would it be worth it?”




Aka “too long; didn’t read” for all my skimmers 😉 

PS. If you’re ready to drop your excuses and be the drag queen you know you are, This is the book to help you get there. flawlessly! get the book HERE.